Specialized Commercial Electrical Services


Nichol Electric provides high level electrical work to the commercial and industrial industries across Vancouver Island. Today’s commercial buildings are dependent on sophisticated electrical systems to keep their businesses running and occupants happy. These buildings have substantial electrical service needs, and require specialized types of power systems that can be used to keep complex machinery running, work space lighting functional, and energy efficiency measures to minimize operational costs.

At Nichol Electric, we understand the unique needs of different types of buildings and the businesses that rely upon the steady supply of electricity. We take great care in ensuring that our commercial and industrial clients are fully satisfied with the performance of their electrical systems, no matter how complex they are.

Our goal for all of our commercial and industrial clients is to develop an electrical system that achieves perfect levels of safety and high levels of energy efficiency. We treat all of our clients with professionalism and respect, while paying close attention to their unique needs and goals for their power systems.

Some of Our Commercial Services Include:

  •   Service Upgrades
  •   Trouble Shooting
  •   Panel Repairs
  •   Meter Repairs
  •   New Circuits
  •   Overhead and Underground Services
  •   A/C and Heat Circuits
  •   Lighting Systems
  •   Smoke Detectors
  •   Security Lighting