Service Upgrades

More Power for Modern Homes and Businesses

amp service

With the rapidly changing electrical needs of new appliances and electronic devices, service upgrades for homes and businesses is common and needed to make up for inadequate older panels. The service panel acts as the nerve center for the home or facility’s electrical systems, and any problem there will cascade throughout the rest of the building.

In a relatively short period of time, we have seen the standard for electrical power double from 100 amp service 15 years ago to around 200 service today. With the growing demands that we place on our electrical systems, it is important to make sure that your system is able to provide enough power. When service is upgraded for a home, the old circuits need to be reconfigured to distribute the new electrical power in a balanced manner throughout the home. This will ensure that breakers are not set off, and the electrical system is safe.

Many people are using secondary suites for family and friends to stay, or to rent out to offset house costs. In order to build this type of additional living space, you will need to upgrade your service and make sure that each dwelling can access their power panels.