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Warm Heated Floors

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and stepping into your bathroom for a sip of water to find that the floor is nice and warm instead of having the usual cold tiles greeting your feet. Despite sounding high tech, it uses the same basic idea the ancient Romans conceived. Having heated flooring is quickly becoming a reality for more and more homeowners, and at Nichol Electric we excel at providing the best electric floor heating systems around.

There are two main methods of heating floors, hydronic and electric. A hydronic system is much like a home heating boiler system, with a maze of pipes supplying hot water heat beneath your floor. Electronic floor heating systems use resistance wires to give off instant heat in an efficient manner. These wires can be installed independently by the contractor as needed. An even simpler method is the use of pre-wired sub-floor matting that can be cut to size and installed as needed.

The electric method also allows a timer to be installed, so that floors can be heated during specific periods. Electric floor heating is clean and silent, invisible and simple to use. It’s an old luxury with a modern day spin.